Obaili's 2023 First Half-yearly Fire Dril


In order to implement the safety work in 2023, and further strengthen the implementation of the fire emergency plan and its safeguards, at 15:00 on April 13, all the staff of Xiamen Obaili Manufacturing Ltd. Organised an escape and evacuation fire-fighting drill in the open area of the factory.

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After understanding the fire safety instructions and the correct use of fire extinguishers, the staff participated in the fire-fighting drill in groups and in an orderly manner.During the whole drill, everyone reacted quickly and promptly, achieving the expected effect of the fire drill.



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At the end of the drill, the boss summarized the drill and reminded all staff to raise awareness of production safety, kept in mind of fire safety at all times, and warned all the staff that the fire safety is no trivial matter, which should be taken precautions and cherish life from fire.

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