How to Choose Backpack


The choice of backpack has some effects on people’s health especially for juveniles.


Considering all points, rucksacks(Shoulders Backpacks  ) are the ones that have the least impact on people's health. As these kinds of knapsacks divide bags weight to shoulder and waist.


Cross body backpack has its advantage which could reduce the load on the spine. However the posture plays important role. Bad posture defiantly could not protect your spine. 


Many experienced bag manufacturers conclude some ways of choosing health knapsack


1. Light material: The weights of packed things are already heavy for our body. If backpack’s weight is also heavy. It is not only very tired during use, but also a great load on health. So it is inadvisable to add many unnecessary accessories for some kinds of shoulders bag


2. Wide shoulder: The wider the rucksack strap, the more the shoulder surface can be increased. And then reduce the load and damage.



The posture is very important, especially for teenager, they might use some strange posture to carry knapsack. This is a serious health risk for teenagers in the long run. Some people deliberately lengthen the straps of shoulder bags and knapsack because they look good, but this makes the knapsack constantly shake, which will cause great pressure on the spine for a long time.


Two points need to be noted when carrying rucksacks


1. Reduce shaking. Whether it is a backpack or cross body bag, do not put the strap too long, and can reduce the rucksack shaking. The muscles of the body will not be over-adjusted due to shaking, and you will not feel fatigue in advance


2. Rucksacks position: The position of the rucksacks should not be placed too low. It would be better that put the lower edge of rucksacks at the waist. Some students like to place the backpack in the pelvic position, which may seriously affect the health of the pelvis.



3. Carrying Backpack front: Some people like to carry their backpack in front. Occasionally, the front back may relieve the fatigue of the shoulders, but long-term front back may cause adverse effects on the spine, and may even cause humpback in the long term.

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