Foreign journalists came with backpacks of the 2008 Beijing Olympics


    In 15 days, the Beijing Winter Olympics will begin. According to reports, several reporters carrying media backpacks for the 2008 Beijing Olympics appeared at the Beijing Winter Olympics Media Center. In 2008, 14 years later, the media kit for the 2008 Beijing Olympics returned to their hometown, still intact.

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    This seemingly coincidental scene has actually appeared at the Tokyo, Rio, and London Olympics.

Many foreign reporters lamented that "the media bag for the Beijing Olympics is the most practical and sturdy." At last year's Tokyo Olympics, an Iranian reporter admitted that he carried it on his back every time he competed, "counting the Tokyo Olympics, he has participated in four Olympic Games. In interviews and reports, every time I carry a Beijing media bag, because its quality is very good, it is specially designed for professional photographers.”

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    This year, media workers from all over the world who travel to Beijing to report will receive a new media package for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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    The Beijing Winter Olympics Media Backpack contains work items (notebooks, pens), daily items (insulation cups, warm hat covers), as well as cultural souvenirs including blessing characters/paper-cut window grilles, Chinese knots, badges, and more.

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    we believe

    Paris 2024 Olympics, Milan 2026 Winter Olympics,

    Beijing 2008 and 2022 media packs will also appear in the media center, and they will become Chinese business cards following the footsteps of global media reporters

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