Obaili bag making factory building

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Obaili bag making factory has two owned buildings with more than 15000 square meters for raw materials storage, bag production including cutting area, 8 bag production lines, QC area, packing area and finished bags stock with high efficiency running.

Bag raw material and accessories storage

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Nonwoven Production Machine




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Each batch incoming raw material should be tested including all hazardous substances safety requirements apply to the textile parts.

All  matrials are under specific test according to the Children's Product Regulation, REACH and CPSIA and Prop 65. 

Bag Cloth Cutting Area

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Bag Workshop


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Our factory with more more than 200 skillful sewing workers, 28 exeprienced quality control workers, our capacity is 800,000 pcs per months. 

On 2019, obaili bag factory open a new high-grade workshop for a long-term cooperated customer to help to get more market share. Most of sewing machines are computerized

Bags inspection area: Our inspection department strictly follow AQL standard. 

bag inspection area

Finished Products warehouse

Sometimes , when all ordered bags are finished, However, due to some reasons, the purchasers do not want these bags to be shipped on time. And obaili bag making factory supply free storage  due to its large space. 

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