Do custom bag manufacturers retail bags?


Do custom bag manufacturers retail bags? Bag manufacturers always happen to this question during daily working. After all, not every customer could meet MOQ. Some people just want to buy one or two to self-use for favored types.  


Taking obaili bag manufacturers as an example, obaili bags manufacturer mostly make custom bags order. Normally the MQO is above 500pcs and so it rarely retail bags accordingly.

For small MOQ, we always recommend customer to use our current Pt-color of stock fabric which is similar with his/her request to save costing. Obilai factory always make regularly stock for its main customers like BIC graphic, Hit promotion etc.

custom bag manufacturers



For promotion custom bag, please refer to obaili bag manufacturing factory which has been established on 2004. Professionally making various backpacks, messenger bags, travel bags and other bags with stylish version, in-depth customization to meet diverse personalize.

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