Mid-Autumn Festival Activity hold by Obaili bag factory



Moon cake gambling, originated from Amoy, Fujian Province, started early in Qing dynasty, is a special moon cake culture. It has become a unique folk custom in southern Fujian


This kind of gambling use six dices to make different combinations to select one champion, two second place, four third place, eight fourth place, sixteen fifth place, thirty two sixth place.


Obaili bag factory follow this tradition to hold this activity in new bag workshop where is going to manufacture high-quality bags and equipped with new bag making machine with advanced level. All people join it with great enthusiasm.


Our general manager Mr. River gave a speech and analyzed the current situation of domestic and overseas. Also identified a development path.

Obaili bag factory

Preparation of this activity

new bag workshop

bag making machine

The activity going on

Obaili bag factory

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